They’re HERE! The first ripe tomatoes of the season. Sweet baby Jesus in the Manger!

And I ate them. (forgot to photograph them…..in too big a hurry).

OK, I shared them. Had them all warm and sliced up for making BLT’s for lunch today, but yes, first, a gorgeous slice on the cutting board, just to admire it, just to smell it, just to have a big ol’ juicy bite of it.Plain and unadulterated.

I fried up some lovely smoked pork fat a.k.a. thick-sliced pepper bacon and toasted some potato bread, spread it generously with Best Food’s mayo, laid on the tomato slices (they happen to be Brandywine tomatoes), a little fresh cracked pepper and coarse kosher salt, some shredded romaine, topped with the other piece of toast and there it was: heaven on a plate.

I also just planted a fresh batch of basil seeds……gotta have those basil leaves ready for the bounty of tomatoes headed my way. Summah time!