you’re doin fine Oklahoma, O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, ok!

And here I find myself in downtown Oklahoma City for a five day tour of the gardening world in Sooner Country. Red clay, humidity, hail, heat and floods…all here and undaunted…..and so are we.

About 500 garden writers have descended upon this fair city for our annual convention. Not as weird as the Wally Byum’s and with virtually none of the notoriety of the Shriner’s, 500 garden writers in one place at one time should strike some kind of consternation in someone’s heart. The Daily Oklahoman did a couple of big articles about our gathering. I am truly looking forward to visiting Deep Fork Tree Farm and the dinner we are having there on Sunday. Oklahoma folks are putting on the party for us. Read all about it here. I just love going somewhere I have never been and bein’ treated like I am sum-buddy.

Oh, and if you find yourself at the OKC airport, check out the great statue of Will Rogers on horseback, with a lariat, in a beautifully landscaped area on the way to the parking garage. Absolutely great public art + gardens. Well done.

As for the notariety part, I guess there’s a mean Karoake party the last night. No sir. I don’t do the karoake.