You can still sign up for Saturday’s seminar! Hurry!

There are still a few seats left for Saturday’s Gardening in the Treasure Valley Seminar at the Grove. Tickets at the door are $40 and a place can be reserved by calling Jan at 941-1754. Check in and late registration is at 8 am and the Presentations start at 9:15.

Three Views through the Seasons, by Jean Findley of Ontario, OR. Jean won Country Garden magazine’s Garden of the Year award.
True Grit: Using Gravel in the Garden will be by Maurice Horn of Joy Creek Nursery. This is the perfect way to save water in the garden.
Gardening with a Sense of Place: Water Thrifty Ideas for Southern Idaho is presented by Diane Jones of Draggin Wing Farms.

Heads up: Draggin Wing is my source for the incredible salvia pachyphylla, the lovely purple sage. Now you know. Aren’t you glad you stayed with me all this time? Now come and meet Diane and see what else she has for great plants.