you asked for it

For my Red Dirt Girl who said SHOW ME,here’s the scene from smokin’ hot Idaho. I hate to say it, but as I type I think I see a nasty smoke cloud……just over the horizon. 105 in the shade and we aren’t even in July yet. Everybody into the pool!

So Dee, here you have a few snaps of my weekend.

Coral is my darling niece. Tells me she is two and won’t be three until her birthday next week. And she wants cupcakes AND a cake. I will have to dust off the cupcake tins…..

The wispy graceful echinacea is spending its second season in the garden….they are lovely. I bought them online last year, from somewhere in the Midwest.

The cottony scale looks like someone threw dryer lint on my apple espalier. I went in and pruned hard (undoubtedly part of the problem…..all things in the garden are overgrown or languishing due to benign neglect). I will try to knock it down with some water sprayed from the hose. If not, well, you have heard me before, “I am organic except when I’m not.”

For BOTH Debra and Dee, I wish I could tell you that the little plants were a gift. They weren’t freebies. No siree. I paid good money and THEN let them sit there hanging on for dear life. Fortunately, many things survive in spite of me.