Yes, there were survivors

But I forgot to write about them. I have been dilly dallying around the countryside – first in Seattle for the U of W/Boise State game on Saturday and now in Walla Walla checking out the gardens, wineries and grounds of Whitman College.

Here is a partial list of what made the cut this summer in Boise ID with a gazillion days over 100 degrees, no rain for months and one cranky-ass gardener:

daylilies, (no, I am not mentioning Stella d’ here)
red twig dogwoods seem unfazed, even Ivory Halo
agapanthus (as an annual in pots)
ice plant, Mesa Verde
wine cups or callirhoe invoculata
agastache ‘Ava’
mirabilis multiflora, or native perennial four o’clock
hostas in dry shade
Firetail (the knotweed cultivar)
salvias:many types but perennial Maynight, Fuhrman’s Red, pachyphylla, Raspberry Delight
sedum: Black Jack, Matrona
and the new echinaceas held up pretty well: Sundown in particular
rosa chinensis mutabilis, or the China rose, or aka Tippo ideale

and more tomorrow. Stay tuned.