who is she? or New Girl, part 2

I love, positively LOVE, having you hang on my every little written word. Made you wait a day or two, huh? Suspense.

OK, the new girl in town is Julia Rundberg. The new, fresh faced executive director of the Idaho Botanical Garden. I took her some coffee the other day. You know, like if I baked cakes, I would have taken her a cake. A latte from Starbucks was my best offering but it is still very early in the show. The woman gardens! Can tell a tulip from a turnip! Actually tore up her front yard in Minnesota and replaced the turf with natives. I can hardly stand it. Wants to get dirty. Oh baby baby. I hope she knows what that means……

More winter gardening tomorrow when the Landcape and Nursery conference continues. The staff of the Denver Botanical Garden will strut their stuff at the hideous hour of 8:45 am. Be there or be square. Then a little saunter into the exposition room……..fresh plants, new stuff, maybe freebies. Or is it called swag? Swag for the new garden wag. I get it.