Where’s the G?

Has anyone noticed there is NO G IN HGTV? Huh? Have you noticed? If you are like me, you’ve stopped watching altogether. My pal at Texas Cottage Gardener counted 284 programs on HGTV with eleven, a paltry substandard ELEVEN, on gardening with half of those shows on instant landscape makeovers…. which should never, ever, ever be confused with real gardening.

Do they not realize there was a 40 % uptick in demand for vegetable plants last year for HOME GARDENS? Do they not understand people are HUNGRY for garden information “how to” shows? Overall increase in demand for plants was up 56%? Sixty percent of the customers of independent garden centers are growing fresh vegetables and the numbers are climbing for perennial plants as well? Have they heard of “Stay-cations,” where folks are hanging in their ‘hood, dolling up the joint, planting some more flowers, sprucing up the homestead with a new spruce and staying put?

So I ask you, If not, why not? Put the G back in House and Garden TeleVision. Please.