What’s up, Buttercup? or: What’s blooming in my neck of the woods this week

Weekly update: Now is a great time to make sure your perennial borders and edible garden spaces are nicely mulched. I like to top dress (spread) a one inch layer of any GOOD ORGANIC compost on my garden beds. No, I don’t dig it in. I just keep piling on the layers to my topsoil. The compost gets dug in a little bit every time I plant something new. Be certain to use ORGANIC where you are growing edibles.

I’ve spent the last few days in the garden puttering and

  •  removing weeds
  •  cutting clean edges
  •  adding a bit of organic sulfur to my handful of acid loving shrubs
  • making sure the sprinkler heads are clean and fully operational
  • checking the timing on the sprinkler system (do not – I plead with you – set it and forget it)
  • adding eggplants and cucumbers to the perennial borders and anywhere else I can find room
  • planting another crop of pole beans
  • mulching (this will really come in handy when the weather turns hot and dry)
  • seeding some more annuals: cosmos, sunflowers, gomphrena, hollyhocks (actually a biennial)
***********Note to self************

Driving home from the radio station this morning, I realized this is a good place to chronicle what’s hot (blooming) and what’s not (fading or not yet in full glory). There are so many issues with climate change, I think I ‘ll keep track of the stuff I ‘m noticing…here. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what’s growing on in your garden.

This week’s beauties in Boise: lavender, heirloom daylilies, yucca, roses of every color. Berries are formed and creating a plentiful food supply for people and critters: raspberries, strawberries, service berries and currant bushes.

And now, more mulching.