What’s new in my garden (and off with their heads!)

It was truly the first nice nice day here in Boise. We have had an unusually long, cold winter/spring, we are two inches short on rainfall and I needed to get outside and PLANT!

So, will share with you what is new this season and what didn’t make the cut. That’s the part “off with their heads.”

Aztec purple trailing verbena for the big BIG pot with the new dwarf apricot fruit tree (oh, I would love to harvest a couple of apricots this year! I told it so.)

In front of that pot, two new penstemon barbatus ‘Iron Maiden’. Also referred to as scarlet bugler

On one side of that pot, a new clump of pink mulhey grass, muhlengbergia capillaris ‘Regal Mist’

I found some very cool, very expensive columbine plants, mixed hybrids but I bought three of them called ‘Little Lanterns’. Mostly an orangey red with little yellow pantaloons. Got that description?

aeonium Schwarzkopf is planted around the cotoneaster standards I snagged for a song at Costco. And at my pal Jeffie’s suggestion, I interplanted the black aeonium with bright lime green ‘Goldilocks’ creeping Jenny

I put in a fresh new purple sage for culinary purposes. And keep singing Riders on the Storm (by the Doors) or some such thing in my head having completely confused that with New Riders of the Purple Sage…..never mind.

Every piece of rose campion that was seen has been eradicated. Ha! That’ll be a cold day in hell when I get rid of all the rose campion. Like getting rid of Devil in a Mist or Nigella. Not the floozy babe-a-lishus Nigella Lawson of TV cooking fame.

There seems to be a weird unrulyness about some of the tulips planted in the bed in question. One here, two there, another one over there. I believe the squirrels have been having their way with my tulip bulbs. I just took out the wayward ones……they were all stunted and failing to thrive anyway.

Everyone got a lovely little dose of compost to freshen the planting area and a nice big drink of water.

Now, if I can get out of bed in the morning (back is already starting to seize up from lugging the bags of compost and potting soil), we shall continue on our merry planting party. Stay tuned.