What’s hot and what’s not for the 2007 gardening season

Ahhhhhh, a chance to flex my wand and tilt my tiara as the Diva/Duchess of Dirt. So many titles, so few subjects and so little time to tend to them all. Well, In and Out lists come and go, so here is one for the single purpose of keeping you entertained until you have something more productive to do.

1. It’s in to be Out. Out in the garden. Outside. Out of doors. Outdoor rooms.

2. Simplify and Repeat – the mantra of all good designers and anyone who knows what’s what. Here is an easy example: plant 3 clumps of tulips, 15 tulips in each clump, all three clumps and all 45 tulips in the same color. Waaaaaaah you whine? You like a mumbo jumbo hurdy gurdy gaudy display of red and yellow and pink????? TOO bad. You will get a much more dramatic impact by doing the “simplify and repeat” technique in your garden. Trust me on this.

3. Small is bee-U-tee-full in gardens. Look to the Boise Flower and Garden Show and our four small space gardens. Each garden is just 144 square feet of space, four completely different takes on outdoor spaces.

4. Big Containers. Bold containers. Big is fab in containers and bad in credit card balances and waistlines.

5. Clean up your act. More IPM and less Chem. That’s integrated pest management to the rest of us. Getting ladybugs to eat aphids instead of hosing down the garden with something nasty and unpronounceable. You know, like, lose the Diazanon/Malathion/Seven/whatever. You can get a class on this just about anywhere in town.

6. Grow your own. Vegetables. Food for your family. Self explanatory.

7. Back off……..on the water usage. Especially if you live in a place like Boise, ID. Your goal should be to cut back your water consumption by 10% this gardening season. I dare you to cut back by 20%. You will save money, be noble, and won’t feel stupid having paid perfectly good dollars to pour drinking water on turf grass.

I am sure I have more pontificating to do, but have to run out the door. Think over the first seven ins and we won’t have to talk about the outs.