What week is this? OMG! 27.

Friends, Gardeners, and all the rest,

Is it fall yet? Please oh please say it is. I’ve had enough spring and summer gardening. I know, I am a heretic. So be it. Let’s clean it up and be done with it for awhile. Tie up the loose ends. Save the tomatoes, but a killing frost would be nice to do away with the ‘hoppers and yellow jackets. And please, no whining about how they have a place in the food chain, too. I just want a few nice big pots of fresh mixed salad greens, plenty of arugula, and to live long enough to see my rogue cantaloupe ripen.

I filled up this painted pot with some homemade compost, then I cheerfully planted my fig tree in the center. As the summer went on, I had to pull tomato seedlings out of this pot at least once a week. I believe they are volunteers or rogues, coming right from the kitchen compost. Yes, its pretty darn cool to be part of the grand circle of life. Get a tomato, clean it up, eat it, compost detritus, from the compost springs food. I mean truly, how groovy is THAT? It appears the same thing happened with last summer’s cantaloupe because now I have two lovely melon plants and lo and bee-hold, there are the fuzzy little darlings hanging on for dear life. I have this image of me craddling the melons in old “nude” pantyhose, all slung up everywhich way to keep from breaking the vine. I promise photos.



So there you have it, a cantaloupe grows at Ranch du Bois.

And yes, there are lots of Fall Gold razzles, a few apples, and tons of tomatoes. Until next week, when hopefully the new batch of lettuces will be up,