What this gardener does in the winter…….

So much for the idea that I was going to post every 48 hours. I could say the plants are dormant; therefore, I am,but that wouldn’t really be the case. With the holidays upon us, I am just slightly distracted.

I will tell you how I feed my gardening Jones during the off season.

I wrote my annual Christmas letter and got it out via e-mail last night. Only 5 came back as undeliverable. And I discovered ONE more grammar error after it was mailed (and after I checked it a half dozen times). For the lucky recipients I included two of my favorite photos from the Garden Writers Conference in BC. As such, I got to look at them. It helps. Especially when it is 10 degrees outside, the air is nasty (Code Yellow) and vistas hazy and stinky.

I bought an Australian lifestyle magazine and poured over the garden pictures. Because it is summer there they are featuring lush gardens this time of year. Ha!

While making coffee this morning I started going through the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalogue. See www.RareSeeds.com. Within a matter of 26 pages and 15 minutes I could have ordered enough seeds to start my own truck patch. Down girl! Oh, but they have like a gazillion varieties of eggplants and and and yardlong Chinese beans and exotic artichokes….. And how about this for the name of a lettuce: “Forellenschluss?” It is descsribed as an old Austrian heirloom and the name means speckled trout. Very beautiful and tasty. I gotta have it. And this for an eggplant: “Rotunda Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa?” Quote: ” A striking Italian heirloom. ” Well, there you go………gotta have that as well. OK, here is one – ‘Nipple Fruit.’ Oh my.

I am supposed to be sitting here putting together my plant list and order for the theme garden at the Boise Flower and Garden Show at the end of March. Due today. Uh oh.

I made my hotel reservations for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February. Back to the Seattle Sheraton this year. Delos demands it. I spent some time yesterday deciding where I would spend my time eating. The short list includes Canlis, the home of Northwest cuisine. Savuer magazine said the house salad is one of the top 100 dishes in America. Well, we can’t miss that, now, can we? No siree bob. And thanks to my friend Liz Dodson, I will be taking lunch at the famous Pink Door. I am thinking that dinner at Tulio’s may be on the agenda as well.

And today I will get my jumbo amaryllis in their pots. They have started to send up blades of green while just lying about on the kitchen counter. Just to mock me.

More later.