what i did on my summer vacation

Hey all. I have been lappin up the blue crab on the DELMARVA peninsula. Drinkin’ suh-weet (!) tea in ‘lanta and trying to get back home. Did alright for a yankee type…..the humidity didn’t top 70% so I managed to keep the Orphan Annie hair to a minimum and to behave myself. Mostly.

Did take in a swell private home and garden of a friend of a friend and I hope now a new friend of mine. Just happened to get myself invited to the Bethany Beach retreat of Idaho native Tom Hill. Brilliant garden and gray shingled beach home, glassed in porch, great art, small pool to refresh, and incredible hospitality. Tom threw in a few outstanding recommendations for my stay at on the Eastern Shore: his favorite furniture store of all time is J Conn Scott in teensy tiny Selbyville, DE and the best restaurant in Bethany Beach is Sedona. That was a slam dunk. Fattest, tastiest crab cakes I have EVER had. Should you find yourself in that neck of the woods, check out both joints.

And just so you know, for a few minutes, I DID, TOO, wax nostalgic for the eastern shore and its charming attributes: place names like “Gravelly Branch” and “Piney Point Road” and Possum Point. Signs for homemade sausage and scrapple. A farm stand every couple of miles with piles and piles of ripe watermelons, ginormous ‘lopes (I think they are really muskmelons and one will scent an entire kitchen and the next three rooms), row upon row of zinnias for bouquets, fresh super sweet white corn ( I almost got my fill), and crape myrtles in their full hot pink glory.

Traveler’s tidbit: a fund raising idea that seemed to be going gangbusters: every few miles on the city- to-coast highway (through the farm country) there were chicken barbeque stands run by the Kiwanas. Hundred and hundreds of hungry beachgoers as a captive audience. Open only on Saturday and Sunday. They were doing a brisk business.

And now my friends, back to the wild wild west.