what i did on my summer vacation: Chicago, day 1

Dear Gardener,

Yours truly just returned from the a very cool trade show, the one and only Garden Centers of America show in Chicago. Wow. Overstimulated doesn’t begin to describe the feeling. Over 500 venders were under one roof sharing the latest and greatest in new garden products and it was amazing. I truly wish I could have taken each and every one of you with me.

Perhaps my favorite new item is an entire snazzy line of plants, all presented under the hame of Hort Couture. Check out the little black and white box of delish succulents. Now, wouldn’t you love to give OR recieve this as a gift?

little bitty pretty ones

little bitty pretty ones

Hort Couture looks to fashion for inspiration in creating their plant palettes. A tag for the pink and green caladium, ‘Thai Beauty,” describes it as spectacular pink patterned leaves with unique green veins. I say they are ready for Project Runway.

You will love their culinary collections: The folks at Hort Couture have put together some delicous collections of plants for the kitchen: Salsa in the City, Thai Restaurant and Italian Bistro, they will be available in Spring of 2009. Go now to your local independent garden center and start clamoring for these collections.

Tomorrow: pot ’em up!

Over the next few days I will bring you a plethora of eye candy