What? Contextual design?

Sheeeesh. What a novel idea: Contextual design. Instead of subdivisions. Read the whole article from the New West here.

Now if only I could do something about the moron who slashed the crap out of the neighboring hillside. The one who is planning to install a palm tree nursery. You read that right, a PALM TREE NURSERY. In Boise, ID. Zone 6. The same goofball jerk who slashed the other side of the hill without a permit. Have I used the word moron yet?

Like I said, my new motto is, “I told you so.”

Just last week, a friend of mine lost her battle at city hall to stop her new neighbors from building a new building 5 feet from the property line. What the hell is the point of planning and zoning if the rules aren’t going to be used or enforced?

Uh,oh. Ranting again.

And here is a ps: there is a RSS feed button on Carlo’s blog. My bad. His good.