What a week

Tired, tired, tired. And waiting for spring. On again off again weather. Snow flurries one minute, 57 degrees and sunny the next.

The Idaho Landscape and Nursery Expo was great. Julie Moir Messervy was even greater – a totally approachable and delightful woman. She had everyone out of their seats designing landscapes with the conference room furniture and what folks had with them: bicycle helmets, winter scarves, wallets, you name it. I was impressed with how quickly folks caught on to the task and their instant creativity. It was a dynamic presentation and I learned alot.

Spending some time with two great new books this week: Gardens by Design by Noel Kingsbury. I reviewed this for the Idaho Botanical Garden Newsletter. Twenty four designers and their best ideas rolled into one book. Pretty nifty and handy.

The second book was an impulse buy (no kidding!). I bought Julie Messservy’s new book, a collaboration with Susan Susanka, titled Outside the Not So Big House. Dee-lish! Especially nice because it is (for me) a review of her presentation.

Now, for the next two weeks, I will focus on the attendance numbers for the Horticulture Symposium scheduled for February 4th. Apparently some folks were unhappy that the date had come and gone for the discounted admission. We did our best getting the brochures out to the folks we had on our mailing list. All of the rest are being handed out in person or can be picked up at the participating nurseries: Edwards, Carpenter’s, Gem Butte, and D & G in Eagle.

So, come one and come all. It will be a great day for gardeners!