Well, Kiss my grits

Some folks think a layover in the ATL airport is the equivalent of a layover in Hades, but I am here to tell you, I found it to be entertaining……..for the first couple of hours. Trotting along to my connecting flight, what should I spy with my little eye but a big poster for the latest issue of GARDEN & GUN, 21ST CENTURY SOUTHERN AMERICA. Hubba hubba, bubba!

With story titles like, “Southern Swell……Women Making Waves,” and “Summer Jubilee on the ‘Bama Coast………”, one wonders what it has to do with gardens or guns. Say what? The website says the magazine is for southerners who seek innovation but who are stewards of the land and love art and skeet shooting. The gun part of the title is a metaphor for the so called “sporting life, ” according to the New York Times. Alrighty then.

In the issue I snagged, the photo inside the front cover is of a woman with a hose in her hand, wearing a floor length summer gown with a look on her face can best be described as 1. snarly, 2. medicated, 3. ethereal, 4. sullen. To my untrianed eye there exists a bizarre contrast between her verdant gown and her deadpan expression. And she is wasting water. There was a charming article about a very old garden named Boxwood.

Is it possible the editorial/publishing staff is aiming for a specialized niche? Obviously. I would say it is a glossy lifestyle mag promoting the good life for the well heeled in the south. But I gotta tell you, as a commoner, I’d be pissed off. Every time someone writes about how groovy a place is- touts it’s cachet- the next thing you know you are overrun with tourists.

Wait a minute, send em on down to the South. I am headed home to Idaho.