Well if that isn’t just the berries!

Earthly Delights, CSA pickup #7.

Upon arriving at the garden today, I was told I could pick my own raspberries. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. I skedaddled on over to the berry patch and commenced to picking. And eating, and picking. And eating. I tried to make it look like I picked just a few berries: I returned to pick up my veggies and showed them I had just a small container of the little red gems. No, I didn’t hog them all. But I wanted to. (A note: I am harvesting my golden raspberries at home right now and they are lovely!).

Today’s earthly bounty was big and hearty; a nice handful of beautiful fresh carrots. Five slender orange gorgeous carrots. These will be eaten ‘as is.’ No fussing necessary.

One head of Pirat red oak leaf lettuce, kind of holey (not holy), but with a little clean up, probably good enough to make salad for just two. As the farmer says, “Enjoy it, it’s the last fresh lettuce for a few weeks till the warm weather varieties kick in.”

Nasturtium flowers and leaves: the leaves add a zingy pepper taste to a salad or are really tasty on an egg salad sandwich. I am planning to use the flowers on a big salad I am making for a party tomorrow night. You know, to show off.

Dino and Redbor kale combo: a small portion of this as the aphids make havoc with greens in the summer heat. I have a big flower pot of arugula that is about to bolt, so I will harvest that, mix it with the kale and viola! ……a mess of greens. My blood is feeling pretty pure these days after a month and a half of anti-oxidant green cleansing.

Purple scallions: These look like a nice bunch of green onions only they are firmer and purple and go with anything savory. And I mean anything.

One fine first-of- the-season- happy zuke green, shiny, firm, warm, yummy. I will slice this in half, drag a fork across the exposed center to score it, brush with olive oil and salt and pepper, then grill. Put the green skin side down first, then flip over to the pale side which you scored.

I scored a huge helping of small white turnips tonight. They didn’t look very pretty so some folks were kind of afraid of them. I will wash them, spray with olive oil, add salt and pepper, and grill. A metal basket works well for this. Or just run a metal skewer through them and put them over the fire.

Glory be! fresh basil. Bring it on! Big leaves of fresh basil with a fragrance that just say summer. Where oh where are those tomatoes????? Hurry please.

No you did not miss week 6, Gardener Casey took a one week break between the cool season crops and the warm season crops. We did not have a pick up last week.