Washington Post, A Cook’s Garden by Barbara Damrosch

Go hereto read what Barbara is saying about kitchen gardens/potagers. I know I am sounding like a broken record on this, but I am on a quest to create/find/admire the world’s coolest kitchen garden. If you aren’t into kitchen gardens, feel free to click out. It’s all about free will, ya know.

After reading B’s article, now I have to find a picture of Rosemary Verey’s garden at Barnsely House – the veg garden that is. And yes, I am a member of Kitchen Garden International, plus, I own all the books I could find on creating edible gardens. I even grew a pretty decent kitchen garden around the driveway a couple of years ago.

I incorporated wildly painted strawberry pots -this was during my Frida Kahlo period – in all the colors of her Mexican garden. Cobalt, deep red, rich terra cotta, and olive green pots with crammed full of fiber optic grass, fraises du bois (tiny French alpine strawberries which thankfully jumped out of the pots and survived in spite of me), oregano, eggplants, mints, and surrounded by a big red warty thing (sqwarsh) and Queen Anne’s pocket melon. I grew three kinds of tomatoes. Snow-in-summer tumbled onto the cement driveway. Quite the blowsy fun planting if you ask me. My wine cups (callirhoe invoculata), they ranneth over. Then, as usual, I started adding more and more and the next year it got away from me. Plus, I went to New Zealand for 17 days that April and got WAY behind.

Now I have removed the obnoxious ravenna grass (overwhelming), am dazzled by the giant lilies I planted two years ago, am loving the photinia and still use all the herbs. The ornamental hops still go bezerk on the fence but in the last month my neighbors have removed the two lilac bushes that I had grown to love, tend, and smell. God only knows what they are planning to put in along the fence line. These are the folks, you will recall, that had a dead linden tree carved up into Old Man North Wind or whatEVER. I must avert my eyes when I carelessly forget and glance in that direction.

The Tomato Growers catalog is here. Fabulous bedtime reading. And the Raintree Nursery Catalogue. I think I will just order me one of everything and create a little slice of heaven here in the Foothills of Boise. Well, I already have a little slice of heaven, I need to make it edible.