Walking the Walk: the Seasonal Walk at the New York Botanical Garden

Now this is a perennial display garden! At 185 feet long, 10 feet deep, the new Seasonal Walk at the New York Botanical Garden is in its glory right now. Sadly, I must watch it unfold online, but gladly, the folks in charge of this brilliant project had the vision and generosity to share it with us. Not only did they hire two international hort rock stars to design this beauty, they followed up with writer Tovah Martin and photog Rob Cardillo to chronicle the week-by-week changes. You can watch the Seasonal Walk develop by clicking right here!

I have already copied the plant list to Evernote, and have pegged a couple of photos of my favorite combos. I especially loved the July 17th combination of lilium speciousum v. rubrum planted amidst Cosmos Sonata Carmine. Feel free to try this at home. The plant combos, bed designs/layout/planting methods are all at your fingertips on the website.

Jacqueline van der Kloet and Piet Oudolf have designed these fabulous plantings. You are probably familiar with Piet by now, but I had not heard of Jacqueline. An article in the August 5th New York Times detailed her method of planting bulbs, a serious departure from our “plant in big clump” philosophy. As someone whose been known to rant about red+yellow bulb combos and bulbs planted in straight lines like soldiers, I thought for a minute, “WHAAAAAAAT????” But, after carefully reading the article, realizing she is adopting a more naturalized form of planting (can you call planting “naturalized”??), and checking out her planting methods and many photos of her work, I have fallen head over heals with this style of planting. Someone referred to it as “confetti style”.



The Seasonal Walk has been so popular, its run has been extended another year, through 2010. Catch it if you can.