Viva Las Vegas

Since I am not a huge fan of dysfunctional family gatherings, I convinced my husband to leave town this Thanksgiving to join our friends on a pilgramage……… Las Vegas. Yes, where otherwise intelligent people go to throw perfectly good money out the window. To get fleeced. So off we go, to dysfunction junction.
Now, I have been to LV two times. Once for 15 minutes 10 years ago, in the airport while we unloaded and reloaded the passengers. I think loaded and unloaded was really apt. They loaded them up with booze and offloaded the folks of their cash. I was there a month ago, on a layover for a couple of hours, under complete duress and confusion with the damned slot machines clanging away behind me and no place to hide. Wow. What a cast of characters! Now, I am going to a part of this 24/7 party town as a tourist – full bore, for three days and nights under the Nevada neon sky.

Husband insisted on Ceasars. Friends insisted on a Cirque d’ Soleil show: Love (a reinterpretation of the Beatles music and imaginary characters {huh?}) I am insisting on seeing the Chihuly ceiling in the Bellagio and the Botanical Gardens and Conservatory at same hotel/casino.I am armed with a 1300 page novel, like there won’t be enough novelty on the strip. And I can hear the disappointment in your gentle sighs when I say I am skipping Celine and Wayne.

Hoping to score some really good food and to see some good art. I have allocated $50 for gambling if I can stand to part with good hard cash knowing the house always comes out ahead. That’s why they have Chihuly ceilings and their own botanical collections and Picassos.

I will be back at the keyboard soon.