Very Pinteresting: Using Pinterest as a cool garden tool

Gardens: Great Ideas from Pinterest.

Gardens: Great Ideas from Pinterest.

Several friends have written recently, about using Pinterest (the HOT HOT HOT social media site) as a gardening tool. Amen. It’s a wonderful thing. I fell hard for Pinterest. In no time I had a 1000 pins, then 2000 and the rest is history. I am a slacker by some counts, there are people with 75,000 pins. They obviously eat at their desk and pin 24/7. And while I realize there is a movement/purpose to use Pinterest for social media, I personally, love it for what is is straight up: a virtual pinboard. Eye candy and MORE eye candy. I’ve been able to pitch several years worth of magazines (my garage was full of shelter/food/design/garden mags was starting to resemble an episode of cable tv’s Hoarders).

You can pin by color, subject matter, whatever you like. You can have 3 secret boards. I use those for projects I am thinking about taking on. Pinboards are perfect for interior or garden designers. You can create color or plant palettes – or both- and as many as you wish. You haven’t spent a nickel on gas nor did you have to dig a hole and plant the plant only to decide it clashed with your peonies. I call that brilliant.

How do I use it? First of all, let me say, the world could not print enough magazines to keep my eyes happy. Could not. Did not. Not going to. In fact, many titles have ceased publication. I am a glutton for beautiful images of gardens, homes, food, what have you. I spent a small fortune (especially in the winter months) buying magazines for the looky-see factor. And I was always disappointed when I finished an issue. I had so many magazines, I could pull out an issue of Garden Design from 2005 and start reading all over again in 2012. Good thing, they ceased publication this year. And I happen to have almost every issue ever published. Now, I’ve pitched a lot of those old magazines/donated them or recycled them: House & Garden, Horticulture, Metropolitan Home (sigh, I still miss you MH). Pinterest allows me to cruise pictures any time of the day or night and the supply -so far – seems endless. I can search for anything I want, 24/7. If someone’s pins are too cheesy, I just move on and I didn’t have to spend $5 to figure that out.

Images, glorious images, all day, every day, on and on. I have more than 180 boards, many of them related to gardening. But I do have a couple that surprised even me: one for images of Marilyn Monroe, one of Paul Newman and one of sassy comebacks. No, in spite of what I told you Robin, none with cute cats. You can pin articles, photos, recipes. Most websites (worth their salt) have “PIN” buttons so you can pin right from the article/story. You can upload your own images (be sure you are clear on the copyright issues), and of course, you can pin pin pin from other boards – ad infinitum.

Maybe best of all? You can cross pollinate with a gazillion other people. See what they see, see what gets them fired up. Oh, I had no idea how much talent there was around the world. NO. IDEA.

Check out Pinterest. ASAP. I am here: All my boards, and here, the Rocky Mountain board.

It’s free and they haven’t figured out exactly how to make money on it yet.