Utah House by Utah Botanical Center

Fascinating project in Kaysville, UT. The Utah Botanical Center and Utah House are designed to show homeowners and citizens of the arid mountain west how to have bountiful, beautiful landscapes with very little supplemental water.

Putting their money where their bright ideas are, the Utah Botanical Center built a Net Zero home in Kaysville. Now get this: they’ve reduced their water consumption by a whopping 70%. And their property looks better than the neighbors! Colorful, lush, abundant, and well-designed are the words that come readily to mind. Take a look at this photo:

I am standing in the landscape of the Utah House demo project. This garden is using 70% less water than the one across the street. Which one says “GARDEN” to you?

Maybe you ARE wed to the notion of a chemical chugging, resource drag clipped to a gnat’s ass green “lawn.” Good, get your sorry butt out there and mow. OR, you could go home to THIS:

Right now its still up to you. In two or three years. I doubt it. You will have to chose between pouring drinking water on your lawn or um, well, dare I say, drinking it?

What’s coming at you? Clipped green turf lawns will soon be a thing of the past…right next to smoking on airplanes.

Gardening 365- Day 176