While I am away…

Gardening 365 – Day 175

The boys are in charge of Ranch du Bois for a couple days.

I am headed out for an all garden extravaganza. This is my idea of gardening.:

Up and out the door, by 7 am. Take a motor coach to Ogden, Salt Lake and points around. Let someone else do the driving so I can nap and chat and work. Stop and see all the good gardens we can see in three days. None of this: “Honey, could you slow down so I can see that?” ” Sure would like to have seen that.”
“Wish we hadn’t whizzed by at 70. No, really, I didn’t want to stop. No, that’s fine.”

So, I’ll be your roving reporter for the next few days. Meanwhile, here are a couple of snaps from Carolyn O’s garden. You might remember her beautiful place from last year. Voted the People’s Fave. Things are lookin’ good in her hood.