upon closer examination………

Yours truly has another new writing gig: I am happy to report I have been made the IdahoGardeningExaminer for the new website, Examiner.com. Examiner aims to be the top online news and information source for the top 60 cities in America……….and soon all the cities in America. Examiner plans to outperform CNN. Are you ready?

I will be writing three times a week on a subject I love. Ah shucks, it’s gardening! My mandate is to write about Boise gardening issues….but I asked for the entire state of Idaho (thinking BIG as always). Since I hail from the northern part of the Gem State, and since I garden occasionally in McCall, I will offer up some ideas, inspiration and gardening tidbits for folks in other parts of this great state we call home. I also asked for the Rocky Mountains but they wouldn’t budge. Ha. Get it?

Since I am asking, and since I am the (94.9 fm’s) Dirt Diva, I would like world peace and free art supplies, too. The answer is always no until you ask.