Under skies of azure blue…..destination Timbuktu!

Sitting here at the desk marveling at the gorgeous blue sky, the snow on Bogus Basin, the fat buds on the pink dogwood just outside my window…..

I have spent the week so far getting caught up inside and at the desk: writing, sorting, filing, re-shelving the books, reviewing new books, working on the theme garden for the Boise Flower and Garden Show, blogging, reading other blogs, smokin cigarettes and watchin Captain Kangaroo. Now don’t tell me, there’s nothin to do. (I just couldn’t resist that song line. Forgive me already.)

Ah, the Boise Flower and Garden Show. Look for us March 24-26th at the Convention Center on the Grove. Don Belts, of the esteemed firm, Jensen Belts and Associates, and yours truly, moi, have put our heads together and come up with a plan: Boise’s Backyard.
This year’s garden will celebrate the long, warm summer nights in this beautiful valley. It doesn’t get dark here until almost ten at night. Plenty of time for outdoor cooking, reading, eating, playing, napping, sleeping, and watching movies. Yup, watching movies. And not just at the Parma Motor-Vu.

Keep an eye on this blog as the garden comes together. I will be writing about the process of building a theme garden and the trials and tribulations that go with it.
Its in to be out. But you knew that already.

And, so you are all in the “KNOW” for 2006, here’s the latest list of ins and outs for the future of gardening:

1. Lived in gardens are in. Showplace gardens are out.

2. Simple elegance is in. Fussy is out.

3. Adventuresome is in. Safe is out.

4. Boom without bloom is in. Flowers only……out.

5. Mixing containers is in. Mixed containers are out.

6. Safe gardening is in. Reckless gardening is out.

7. Fountains are in, ponds are out.

8. Home grown is in, fast food is out.

These are the trends and predictions that came out of the Garden Writers Association annual conference last fall.

We will see how many of these in’s we can include in our show garden. Stay tuned.