try and try again

Try as I might, I can’t get the photo uploaded so you, too, can gaze in disbelief at the thing that was carved next door.  My smart alleck friend B suggested they would no doubt want to light it up at night and sure ’nuff.  It is lit up like a monument in DC.

OK, I must refer back to my notes and will probably have to write KP for assistance.  I can’t keep you waiting forEVER.

It is 7:39pm and so far we have had an all time record of nine Trick-or-Treaters.   Parker and Coral, my little sugar lumps(niece and nephew), came by as Superman and Robin.  Coral being Robin, boy wonder. She is actually a darling 15 month old babydoll girl.  I had big plans to send her out as a fairy or a ballerina.  Her brother, Parker, four years old, had a different idea: she would be HIS sidekick, Robin.  No arguing with a Superhero, and especially not one carrying Kryptonite.

And as I was standing at the front door handing out handfuls of awesome candy, I reached up and felt the Japanese maple.  It is toast, my friends.  Toast.  Last night the temp dropped to 22 at my house.  Outdoor growing season is pretty much over.