Truth or Dare

Pulled two hours of garden time this afternoon, deadheading, making futile stabs at the spotted (a.k.a. nasty-ass) spurge, and making mental notes of all the things I hate about my garden this time of year and honey, the list is long.

Of course, this has NOTHING to do with the fact our ozone levels are B. A. D. and the city and valley are under a nasty smoky haze and you can’t see anything and it smells like a fire and didn’t I whine about this last year? Ruh-oh.

OK, so back to the garden. We are going for Truth or Dare here. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually get PAID to design gardens for other people. And the truth be told, and it must be, folks generally love what I do for them. HOWEVER, when it comes to my garden, I swear I have created some of the ugliest combos on the planet. This can be chalked up to experimentation, and it’s probably why the crappy combos don’t end up in OPGs (other peoples’ gardens), but man, some of my little beds are so ugly even the tide wouldn’t take them out. If we had a tide.

Lordy, you should see the big one, the one I have to look at every single day. It’s probably why I am always with a glass of wine in hand when I am on the patio. OK, it wasn’t so bad when it was a triangle shaped bed of echinops ritro, agastache ‘Ava’, delosperma ‘Table Mountain’ , echinacea ‘Sundown’ and miscanthus ‘Morning Light.’ No, that was pretty decent: blue, soft purple, hot pink and bronze with a little tweak of coral from the Sundown. It brought me joy, especially when the hummers were so busy in the evening. That was lovely. AND THEN…

What happened? This year, there is a 4 foot border on that bed of gaillardia ‘Burgundy’ and right in the middle of everything a striking, exquisite, deep burnt orange with an almost burgundy center spider-type daylily, which is about 5 feet tall. Smack in the center. And Tall. Beautiful plant, but so ugly in this bed.

Was I trying to go Boise State Bronco colors or something with the orange and blue? Say what?

Truth be told, here’s what I think happened. I recall picking up a boatload of plants at the end of the season in 2007, you know, when even the wholesaler cuts prices: the gaillardia ‘Burgundy’ was a buck a gallon and I am sure they threw in the day lily. And I put them all in the wrong place. I was desperate. Now I am stuck, until it cools down, so I can transplant them and do the drop dead red bed.

Which is not on the plan now.

Red Dirt Girl, you know anything about predicaments like this? Didn’t think so.