Strawberry fields forEVAH

Gardening 365 – Day 193.

Ha! Dear Friends and Gardeners! Ha!

First in time, first in right. That applies to water rights and bragging rights. I had my first tomato today. Actually, there were three of them. The little darlings. I’d have photographed them for you but I ate them so fast. Couldn’t help myself. Little Sugar Golds or somethin’. Not Sun Golds, these were from one of the plants I bought from Betty at the big tomato sale.

Also consumed fresh alpine strawberries, red and gold raspberries, and the fancy schmancy Mara des Bois (eaten with relish at Ranch du Bois) strawberries. Huge.HUGE and tasty. My original plants came from White Flower Farms.

Mara des Bois in the White Flower Farm catalog.

Note to fellow fruit nuts: I have a Dwarf Red Flemish pear on my espalier. First year, first pear. Lots of apples on the espalier. Rhubarb. Oh YES! I can pick a nice bunch of rhu from the container grown rhubarb I planted a couple months ago. That crimson rhu is gorgeous.

Back to the garden. Short and sweet. That’s how it is this week. You know I love ya, since I just spent 5 days in Buffalo New York with you. Kisses.

How’s it growin over there at May Dreams and Red Dirt Ramblings land?