To be continued…..

Debbie Cook and I yakked our heads off on the radio show yesterday and didn’t cover HALF of what we wanted to talk about re: great gifts for the gardener in your life.  It could be great gifts for YOU, THE gardener in your life.  We spent an  inordinate amount of time explaining and re-explaining the repotting procedure for an aloe plant.  Then we had a big time with Harold regarding his big red warty thing.  Come now. Get your mind OUT OF THE GUTTER!  The big red warty thing is an heirloom squash.

After Debbie begged me, I relented and agreed to return to the whirling chair next Saturday morning for a continuation of our gardener’s gift list.  And, anything else that might just pop into my mind while I am on the air.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:  we went to Tree Amigos and viola! Bought the second Christmas tree we looked at. A lovely, full, nine foot tall noble fir.  It smells terrific!  Now it has been recut and is sitting outside in the cold in a bucket of water, soaking it up, in hopes that it will last through New Year’s.

I am done for the day.  Tomorrow is the annual Boise Garden Club luncheon.  The festivities begin.