Thought for the day

So today I am perusing my marked and highlighted copy of Influential Gardeners: The designers who shaped 20th century garden style, and came across this quote from Vita Sackville-West of Sissinghurst fame: “Fortunate gardener, who may preoccupy himself solely with beauty…A useless member of society, considered in terms of economics, he must not be denied his rightful place. He deserves to share it, however humbly, with the painter and the poet.”

Love that.

And on this gardener’s to-do list for the day: pick up three calamagrostis brachytrichia (what I affectionately call Achy-Breaky grass) and two of the original Peace roses for clients.
And we will be pushing 95 degrees by 4 pm. The weather reminds me of the description of a fast car: “from 0-60 in 15 seconds.” We went from 42 to 96 practically overnight. Stash the polarfleece, grab the tee shirts……….and icewater.