There’s a new girl in town, part 1.

O gentle reader, I feel it is my job to keep life snappy and fun, so I have decided to reinvent myself…….again. My new title is Garden Wag. It came to me at 4:30 this morning. Tossing and turning and hoping to hell I could get up in time to get the the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association annual conference. 6 am is early for a girl like me. To be there by 8ish. Early. Good grief, the sun isn’t even up yet.

You can look here for all the latest gossip on who’s doin what during the conference. Who has moved over to what nursery, who is going into design, who is getting out, who is barking up a tree (that would be the arborist gang). How late will Franz keep his tab open tonight at the party??????

And later, I will tell you about the OTHER new girl in town. Had coffee with her yesterday. You will be able to link to her website from here in a day or so. Remarkable I tell you. Our kinda woman. Dirty hands, runs with Felcos. You know the type. Her name will be revealed……………..soon.