The Sawtooth Botanical Garden

Just received a note from Jennifer Colson, Executive Director of the beloved Sawtooth Botanical Garden near Sun Valley, Idaho. I have failed to list them in the “Gardens to Visit” section of this blog. My apologies to all. No, I wasn’t keeping this fantastic place to myself, although, the thought did cross my mind. I have spent too much time fundraising for my local botanical gardens to keep them a secret.

Just so you know, I ADORE the Sawtooth Garden. For the last several years, I have attended their annual garden tour, and when offered, I went to the big shindig dinner and auction the night before. Along with a group of other wild ones, I did a week long landscape/garden design workshop at SBG in January. Day One we were treated to 2 feet of fresh snow. Talk about winter wonderland. Made it all the more fun to be snuggled up in their meeting rooms with colored pens and graph paper and garden wizards, drawing and creating and dreaming of gardens under the deep white blanket.

In 2005, the Dalai Lama visited the Sawtooth Botanical Garden to bless the Tibetan Prayer Wheel in Garden of Infinite Compassion. The garden was designed by Martin Mosko, a landscape architect from Colorado and is an incredible space to behold. With the backdrop of sagebrush steppe of the Wood River Valley, the garden is nestled between magnificent boulders, aspen and evergreens. The prayer wheel is filled with over one million prayers written on paper and is turned by the power of the moving water.

Take a minute, check out their website, or, better yet, plan a trip to Ketchum and Sun Valley and tie it in with a visit to the garden, take a class or take in the annual garden tour next July. And join, it is good to be a member. You get advance notice of great speakers like Topher Delaney, Brent Heath, and Lauren Springer. Maybe even the Dalai Lama.