The OFFICIAL cocktail of the Spring Fling: Texas-tinis

Pam, just so you know right up front, I poached this recipe from over at your site. I mean, really, why would I want to use anyone’s recipe but yours? You dah hostess with the mostess!

From our wonderful Pam, at Digging in Austin:

Speaking of which, I promised to share the recipe for the signature drink of the Spring Fling. The Texas martini, also known as the Mexican martini, is essentially a margarita served in a martini glass with salt on the rim and a stuffed olive (preferably stuffed with jalapenos) on a sword pick and a wedge of lime in the glass. Yum.

I use the Cedar Door’s Original Mexican Martini Mix (basically pure cane sugar, water, and citrus oils), which has the recipe right on the back:

Over ice, pour equal parts Tequila, Triple Sec, and Mexican Martini Mix into a pint (16 oz.) glass. Add one freshly squeezed lime (important!) then shake well. Garnish with 3 skewered green olives and a lime wedge.

For the happy hour, to save time, I mixed up a large batch in a pitcher the night before, chilled it overnight in the refrigerator, and set it on the bar along with lime wedges, salt for the rim, and olives, and let people pour their own. I wouldn’t advise mixing the martinis more than 24 hours ahead, for freshness.

Ahem. I will now start the long and ardent search for Mexican Martini Mix.