The LOVELY Mary Jane Butters

She was everything I had imagined she would be. As beautiful inside as out, and as pretty as her pictures.

The farm was one of the loveliest places on the planet I have ever been. Yes, I am crazy sentimental for the Palouse. I spent a lot of my childhood there. You may recall, my great grandparents homesteaded there.

For awhile I was jealous as hell of MJ. Sheeeeesh. She gets to live in my favorite place, she gets to farm there, she is pretty, she gets to write about her life and share it with others, she does all the stuff I like to do……yadayadayadayada ad nasueum. Well, I didn’t buy a house there now did I? So what’s all the whining about?

I will share a few little snaps with you……..and know I am green with envy of the farm girl life.

No photos of Mary Jane herself……..she was busy doing photography for the next issue of Mary Jane’s Farm……a magazine you have to have.