The incredible Palouse of North Idaho (plus a boat at Riggins and the Camas Prairie)

Idaho is divided geographically, and some say politically, into a northern half and southern half. I hail from the Northern half, where my great grandparents homesteaded and raised wheat, peas, lentils, some lambs and a few cows, plenty of chickens and lots of vegetables. In 1974 I came south to the capitol city of Boise, the big city, for college and adventure. When I crest the top of the Whitebird Grade, when I see the Northern Camas Pairie rolling out for miles and miles, I ALWAYS get a huge lump in my throat, ofter a tear or two falls down my cheek, and I wonder why in the hell did I EVER move to the flippin’ desert? Why did I stay there? Could I come back to my beloved rolling hills and wild river canyons? Come along with me as I take a little sentimental journey………..