The Fearless Keeyla Meadows (my color hero)

I have a thing for color. Big, bright, bold, beautiful color. No nude, beige, tan, taupe or ecru for this girl. Give me the Crayolas and a box of 96 if you please. And make it snappy.

So, I was doing a little research into a colorful acquaintance of mine, and it cost me. Boy, was it expensive research.

I was also overcome with another attack of “gotta have those too!” as it related to bulbs. Yes, more bulbs. For someone who swore she was not going to plant bulbs this year, I’ve certainly lost steely reserve. I think I have about 650 corms, bulbs, rhizomes, and tubers headed my way. And there are those extra bags of incidentals at the nursery the other day – the hot pink and orange lily flowered tulip collections.

I’m blaming the latest buying frenzy on a great and oh-so-enchanting-gardener+artist, one Miz Keeyla Meadows.


She has a new book coming out any day now, from Workman Publishing, The Fearless Color Garden and I can hardly wait.


Then I found her blog, Flirting with Flowers and I was off and shopping for more bulbs. She posted a list! NONONO! Don’t let me see that! NO NO NO. Here it is.

Ranunculus — Tecote Cafe, Salmon, Gold
Iris — Rustler, Pass the Wine, Brown Lasso, Tennison Ridge
Dutch Iris — Eye of the Tiger
Tulip — Menton, Black Parrot, Queen of the Night, Cairo, Gavota
Lily — Tango series, Honeybee, Halloween, Starburst, Spotted Salmon Tigerlily, Landini (the blackest lily)
Fritillaria — Persica, Rubra (Red Crown, Yellow Crown)

I’ve been a Keeyla fan for years, and just happened to run into her at Cafe Fanny last year. I gushed over her work, her first book and made a scene. Like the pied piper she is, she had Debra Prinzing, Lorene Edwards Forkner and I in tow in minutes, off to see her fantastic and colorful garden. I’ve promised Keeyla I would NOT publish photos of her garden until her book is out, so you will just have to be happy with the pictures of the garden visitors. And I will wait here for the bulbs to arrive.