the continuing debacle in the spinach field

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article about manufactured food. I picked this up reading the Garden Rant, a blog about REAL gardening. If you don’t have thick skin and a sense of humor, avoid Garden Rant. If you like to let off a little steam or feel just a little cranky from time to time, go there now and read.

Had a great first-of-the-season gathering with my garden club this morning. A fiesty bunch, one and all! Ramona brought apples from her garden! You go girl! I am still encouraging every single person to grow at least one plant they can eat. Just one. It could be pot marigolds a.k.a. calendulas. Sprinkle those orange and yellow petals in your salad, friend! At restaurants they charge extra for that. You still have time to plant some spinach, lettuce or giant red mustard before the snow flies. Do you know how good you will feel when you actually EAT something YOU have grown?

Come on, how about a little pot of chives? Snip the stalks into some egg salad. Or just a regular salad.

Take control of your food source whenever you can. And one more time, read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.It has completely and positively changed the way I look at the food supply. Forever.