Ten jobs I’d like to try

Mrs. Pom is at it again with her List Friday project.  This week, list 10 jobs you wish you had………

  1. Travel writer
  2. Food writer
  3. Garden writer (ok, so I almost have this one nailed)
  4. Fashion designer and a good one at that.  (How DO you break into this? and I don’t want to be Dolce and Gabbana or Donatella Versace, I would like to do something simple like Eileen Fisher).
  5. Jet setter/maven
  6. Talk show host
  7. Movie star
  8. Famous artist
  9. Princess of something
  10. A job where I got paid a lot to tell people how to clean up their neighborhood…….to my satisfaction.  And then it would all get cleaned up the way I want.