Teaching and Preaching (to the choir)

Had a funny conversation today with a friend of mine: “Trish? Got any great wooden wine boxes I can beg, borrow or steal from you?”

Trish: “I’ve got one or two, what do you need them for?”

Me: “Making Fairy gardens tomorrow night at Far West?”

Trish: “WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I did NOT see that anywhere, and I STALK you!”

So, Trish scared up three boxes and I made a spot for her in the class. Right next to me. Where I can keep an eye on this wine selling-Harley-riding-fairy-garden-terrarium- garden- making wild child. Photos to follow.

So ya know: Fairy Garden Workshop at 6 pm, at FarWest Nursery and Landscape, Boise ID. 5728 State Street. Class is free. Little pretties: lights, swing sets/bistro sets, etc available to purchase during the class. Bring what you have and we will have a great time!