talking the talk, and walking the walk

I have spoken publicly now, four times since yesterday morning at 9 am. it’s 2:30 on Saturday, I have one more to do at 4pm. I thought I had a great audience for Dazzling Desert Garden Design Ideas today. A nice, considerate, knowledgeable, attentive and eager group. That is heartwarming. I really like taking the questions afterward …..a chance for a little one-on-one, and to perhaps, help folks get their garden underway and going in a direction that will work for them. More than anything, I want to encourage people to color outside the lines in their gardens, to really have fun.

The point of the Dazzling Design topic is to show gardeners, some new, some who have been here forever, that you can create wildly colorful or quietly elegant xeric gardens. Soooooo many people have the notion that xeric means silver, gray, dusty, bleached bones, maybe some sulphur yellow blossoms here and there gardens. That wasn’t really a sentence. But you get the idea. No. I want them to see purple, orange, hot pink, cherry red, golden yellow cha cha cha gardens.

Having said that, now I will clean up my little corner of the planet and will prep my perennial beds for the new Purple Majesty salvias I ordered from High Country. To go with my wonderful orange, good clear orange, globemallow. I can hardly wait. Oh, yeah, and it would be really flipping nice if we could get the temp up to about 65 here. Just for a couple of days. Thanks.