takin a day off

Just finished another wild week of gardening related activities, family stuff, business stuff, etal. Pooped, I am, I tell you. One day I even had to get up for my first magazine photo shoot (Jeffie’s garden) at 4:30 am. Crap of dawn, I tell you. O’ dark thirty. Worked two nights until 10 pm. Last night I dragged home after a gazillion events/meetings/yadayadayada at 8:40 pm.

So today, was MY DAY.

First, two hours of gardening for ME. I even planted some plants that came in the mail in April which have been struggling in little 4 inch pots. Shame on me. Dressed the new side bed with compost and then some new bagged black garden soil, plus potted up some 4 inch plants into bigger pots (1 gal) so the little darlings could get a bit of a root system before I slam them into the parched earth of Boise ID and 105 degree weather.

Pruned the two out of four of the climbing roses; the wiley and wild wisteria, plus the lilacs along the side of the house. The strategy, and I did have one this time, was to work in the shade as long as possible.

Done at noon.

Now, the house is comfortably cooled by a/c, I have the new Gardens Illustrated in hand with an article about the incredible Piet Oudolf, a new issue of Cottage Living (where I would live if I didn’t live in a mid century modern because my husband likes mid century), and a stack of other reading about two feet high. While Boise goes into scorched earth mode, I shall be reclining with a glass of Earl Grey iced tea.