Stuff that works

Folks, I’ve been suffering from a nasty NASTY case of cabin fever and thus, you will be subjected to a new weekly column titled “Stuff That Works.” Yup, stole that title from a favorite song by my other boyfriend, Guy Clark: (on the album, Dublin Blues, 1995) . Mind you, this is stuff that works for me, this week. 


Stuff That Works, September 21, 2012

1. Grow it: Tulip, Gavota for 2013, plant in big groups of at least 15 and plant several groups.

2. Wear it: Killer gorgeous ring from Midwest Alchemy, on Etsy

3. Hear it: the new Brandi Carlile CD: Bear Creek

4. Make it: tomorrow we are messing w/epoxy and old found bowling balls.

5. Drink it: Black Cat Martini 

6. Pin it: from Design Sponge, via my pinboard. The coolest screen door ever. Dog is pretty lovely, too.