Stuff that Works October 5, 2012

We’re expecting a good freeze tonight. Well, good only if you’ve had enough gardening for the year. There’s still clean up, still bulbs to be planted, more compost to go on the beds, plant those last 4 shrubs that have been hanging by a root stem all summer. And the last few days were positively glorious. UNTIL. Until the wind changed direction and brought the smoke back to the valley. I woke up w/a headache and all congested. So, stayed in most of the day. Tomorrow is set aside for making dill pickles and a little more garage clean up.

Here are some things that blew my skirt up this week. Enjoy.

A big box of bulbs arrived from Longfield Gardens. In the spirit of full disclosure, let me tell you they were a gift. Yes, a gift from the folks at Longfield. I was allowed to chose what I wanted so I’m giving some new varieties a trial run here at Ranch du Bois. Tulips, Narcissus, and Snowdrops.

Counter clockwise from the top left:

1. Artwork from the incredibly talented Lulie Wallace. I want several of these happy paintings. And how cool is this? She’s from Charleston and her work is even sold by Anthropologie. Crush on crush on. Lulie also has wall murals for sale at Urban Outfitters and a Tumblr blog & website. Shop.

2. Gardens Illustrated the garden mag to which all others are measured. Brits love gardens and this is the best. I have every copy that’s ever made it to this house.

3. Ordered this sewing “sleeve” or helper or whatever you want to call it. From Alabama Chanin. I’ve read about Natalie Chanin for years. Now I can try my hand at her wonderful sewing techniques. Yeah, since I don’t have to work in the garden every single day. Please Mr. Postman hurry up with my package.

4. I am so moved by this photo. Please Lord, let me be this old, this wonderful someday. And sitting in a wheelbarrow to boot! From the beautiful Tumblr blog, Pale.

5.6.& 7.  Three of those tulips I was mentioning: (right to left) National Velvet, Purple Lady and Daydream. I’ll let you know how I decide to use them. Again, a gift from Longfield Gardens, LLC. 

8. This week I took a minute and moved all my barn owl pins onto a new board, over on Pinterest, and I named it “The Original Hooters.” I love barn owls.


Rock on until next time!