spring is in the air

Could be jumping the gun here, but I really doubt it. It was 57 degrees in the sun this afternoon. Made me stop in my tracks (I was taking the empty garbage cans in), grab the Felcos, don the garden gloves and the next thing ya know, I had cleaned up about a 6 foot long piece of the driveway perennial border. Snipped the daylights out of the culinary thyme, torched a couple clumps of grasses (more on that in a bit), pruned a rose just to see what happens when you do that on February 9th, and then cleaned up my mess.

I tried to figure it out in a rational manner. If I do 6 linear feet a day, no matter how deep the beds cuz none are deeper than about 6 feet, and it took me an hour to do that one section, well, I have 30 days at home between now and the 15th of March, therefore, uh, I might be done by……….the fourth of July. Oh dear.

Heart goes out to Buffalo NY and points with 10 feet of snow.