Spring heaves and haws (thaws)

Odd title. But it describes the look of the front perennial border at Ranch du Bois.

First, there are the 5 footprints, all about 6 inches deep, where the Undergardener and I took turns sinking into the soil while trying to adjust the rain barrel. And that soil is C.O.L.D. For a couple weeks it was a quagmire, and now it’s frozen solid again.

Speaking of thawing: across the sidewalk in the other bed, there are craters and heaves and lumps and bumps. Tiny nubbins of tulips greenery. A spike or two here and there of the iris reticulata waiting to take the stage.There are a few blades of green grass. We could have 3 more months of cold wintery weather. Or we could not. Global weirding. That’s my call.

So, while the ground freezes, thaws, heaves, craters and new life emerges, I’ve decided its time for a new look here at GWWW. Stay tuned for a freshets of info,  zippy new pictures, and a whole new vibe.