Spring fling, part 2…….are we having fun or what?

Hard to believe that a week ago today I was being chauffeured around Austin by the lovely Pam Pennick and our fellow spring flingers racing from one garden to the next, each one a paradise unto itself, more fabulous than I could imagine. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING quite floats my boat like a garden tour. I am still a-dither just revisiting each of these gardens today by looking at the pictures again. Love those digital cameras. LOVE THEM!

Today, for your viewing pleasure, dear reader, feast your eyes on the lovely Lucinda’s home and cha-cha garden. She had also prepared some mango/pineapple punch, with fresh limes and champagne………served with exquisite Mexican pastries. I am tellin’ ya, it doesn’t get much better than this……..until the next time……….or the next.

For an elegant, one of a kind, Texas garden, get yourself to this one (on the Garden Conservancy Tour): The David/Peese home and garden in Austin. The home is built of humble materials, all put together in the most elegant manner. I know, I used elegant a couple times to describe this place, but no other word works as well. The house is created with cinder/concret block or CMUs (concrete masonry units), painted wooden floors, corrugated tin, concrete slabs, steel I-Beams and the indigenous, abundant Texas limestone.

Check out some more pictures of the David/Peese garden, here, on Pam’s Digging entry of October 2006. Different season, more plants.

Now, if you can believe it, I still have one more entry to come on the Fabulous Fling. Stay tuned.