Spoof? Grow your own?

I hate to even use the term v-i-a-g-r-a on this space. Gawd only knows how many hits I will get on the site.

After I left the River Radio station this morning, Timm and Ken brought up a news story about growing Erica carnea as a substitute for the little blue pill mentioned above. Of course, they wanted to know where to buy erica carnea. No more rose pruning and tomatoes for those guys, nosiree Bob, we are going into garden-ceuticals. Theoretically, you can make a concoction of erica and vodka and get a real rise out of a guy. There may be potential for resurrecting the slipping garden industry…………by growing heaths and heathers. Who knew?

I wasn’t able to locate erica carnea in Boise, in spite of the fact it is one of the heath varieties that seems to tolerate most soil conditions, in particular, our alkalinity. It is also drought tolerant once established.

I am somewhat dubious about the veracity of this story. Don’t believe everything you read. It started circulating on April Fool’s Day.

Stay tuned for more information.