Speaking of Spring

So, Pomegranates and Paper has asked for a list of 10 words that say “Spring.” I was so ready for this list:

  • daffodils
  • tulips
  • crocus
  • Easter bunny
  • pussy willows
  • lime green
  • calves
  • lambs
  • fawns
  • wild asparagus

And then, like a good closet cleaning session, a list of things I am ready to leave behind –

  • freezing weather (enough already)
  • the ants that have been trying to move into the bathroom all winter……go away
  • dark mornings (could we please lose the Daylight Savings Time/Clock changes?)
  • salt on the roads
  • leafless trees
  • even worse, nasty looking leafless shrubs
  • the heating bill (but of course, it will soon be offset by the water bill, but I am working on that)
  • the dog’s winter asthma


Next week:  building the display garden for the Boise Flower and Garden Show………and Showtime on Friday!