Soup Nazi it’s not

My CSA farmer Casey offers an extra service that really floats my boat. Its a soup CSA and I highly recommend it. It is the perfect answer for the “what to cook on Monday night” dilemma that seems to come my way once a week. Homemade, hot, fresh, organic soup and a big loaf of bread or a bag of rolls ….well, it doesn’t get any better than that. If fact, I seldom get home with all the bread. It smells so good I tear right into it on the way home.

Here’s how it works:

Earthly Delights SOUP and BREAD CSA

Each week Casey makes a different soup with ingredients from my garden as well as from other local farms, and her mom bakes a really yummy loaf of bread to go with it!

12 Weeks of delicious homemade soup (and bread, if you want it), available for pickup or delivery. November-February, with breaks at Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years. Last year’s menus included
*Idaho Potato Chowder with Dill Rye Bread, *Spicy lentil and Winter Squash Stew with Whole Wheat Bread ,*Snake River Minestrone with Rosemary-Feta Foccacia Bread.

SOUP: $96/Season ($8/quart/week)
BREAD: $72/Season ($6/large loaf/week)
DELIVERY: $35/season (in delivery area)

I go for the whole thing, $14 a week for soup and bread. It makes at least two meals, and you have bread for sandwiches or croutons or toast.

I highly recommend participating. Or, how about doing a soup exchange with a couple of friends?